Think of this guide as your key to effortlessly navigating RocketPush and setting up WhatsApp campaigns. Whether you’re new or experienced, it will help you unlock the app’s full potential with ease.

Step 1: Login and Upgrade

Sign in to RocketPush: WhatsApp, Web Push, then upgrade to our premium plan and choose the subscription that fits your needs.

Step 2: Setting up WhatsApp Campaigns

On the home you can see Web Push notifications and WhatsApp. Choose WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Campaigns

Step 3: Connect your WhatsApp Business Account

Here you need to connect your WhatsApp Business Account, and get started.

In case you do not have a WhatsApp business account , you can easily create one at this point. Refer to this guide to create your WhatsApp Business Account.

If you already have a business account, you can connect that at this step with just few clicks.

Step 4: Sycn your WhatsApp Account

At this point you will get an option to Sync your WhatsApp Account. This will sync all the templates from your WhatsApp Business Account. For Creating templates on your WhatsApp Business Account you can refer to this link.

Step 5: Customize the Optin Promt

You can customize the Optin block for collecting WhatsApp Numbers of the visitors.

Go to Settings>>WhatsApp

Step 6: Create a WhatsApp Campaign

Go to WhatsApp Campaigns on RocketPush to get started.

Home>>Campaigns>>WhatsApp Campaigns

Now you are all set to schedule a campaign. Additionally, you can upload a CSV file with the contact details.

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